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beadworkDistinctive Maasai beadwork has become a fashion item, one of the most popular items taken home by visitors to Kenya. Worn as jewelry by both men and women, Maasai designs can also be applied to functional items – watchstraps, belts, handbags and mobile phone covers (see below).

Beading worn by the Maasai is highly symbolic. Red, blue and green are most commonly used – red being the color of the Maasai, blue is regarded as godly, reflecting the color of the sky, while green is the color of God’s greatest blessing, fresh grass after rainfall.

MANDO is working with the Paranae Self Help Women's Group to develop pieces that can be marketed internationally by JB Art & Craft which works with East African artists. Partner Investments for Developing Communities (IDC), also supports the group with entrepreneurship training and expanding microfinancing. Beadwork is increasingly a source of income for these women.

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