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50 first-time Maasai farmers
+ 8 acres
wheelbarrows, rakes, shovels, fencing and seed
750 children with food they don't ordinarily have

This growing program needs to GROW more –
and can with your help.

  • Donate directly via Paypal via our sister organization in the USA, IDC (Investments for Developing Communities). Wire transfers can also be arranged. Stock, bequests and other financial arrangements are welcome. Contact MANDO.

  • Experience this innovative project in person by helping out. People with agricultural expertise are especially needed. Weeders are welcome.
Maasi farmer

What? Aren't the Maasai nomadic herders, not farmers? Aren't growing conditions nearly impossible in their lands?

The two questions are closely related. Granted, desertification has worsened in Maasai lands in south Kenya due to climate change and over population. But as MANDO's trial program has shown, when harnessed sustainably, Kenya's expansive dry lands can offer lasting solutions to food, water and energy deficits. The realization is that the tribes must incorporate agriculture to survive. It can be done using plant species that can thrive under this kind of stress and getting water to them – by capturing rain water, using spring water when it can be found and terracing.

After a highly successful initial season, MANDO's goal is 100 farmers the second year, and 150 the third. Each additional farmer requires KES 47750/USD 550 per person to undertake his or her own farming. More about the program here.
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