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Kenyan girl student to sponsor

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Feliza Naipante, age 14 in 4th grade, lives with three brothers, a baby sister and her mother. Her deceased father had four wives who now have separate households. He left three cows and five goats for them to live on. She walks two hours to school accompanied by her brothers until they split pathways and she is on her own. Her favorite subject is English. She dreams of becoming an English teacher and instruct in Christian Religious Education (CRE). She loves to draw. After school she helps her mother bathe the baby sister as well as prepare meals and wash up afterward, then does homework. Weekends she does laundry, plays football and goes to church.

Sponsorship provides tuition, school supplies, uniforms and at-home support. Cost breakdowns for various-aged students are here. Frequently asked questions about sponsoring are here.

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