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Sponsorship for a year costs:

Public primary school grade 1 - $184
Includes tuition $25, uniform $40, supplies $75 and wire transfer, $22

Public primary school grades 2–8 -  $141
Includes tuition: $25, uniform $40, supplies $40 and wire transfer, $21
Secondary school grade 9 - $789
Includes tuition $419, uniform $85, supplies $172, transportation $23 and wire transfer, $45

Grades 10–12 - $755
Includes: tuition $436, uniform $50, supplies $156, transportation $23 amd wire transfer, $45

After reviewing these choices and reading our FAQ about sponsoring, if you have further questions, please ask. Once you decide which kind of sponsorship you are interested in, let us know and we will send the bank information needed to transfer funds. Our account is with Barclays Bank of Kenya, the Haile Selassie Branch in Nairobi.

Different methods for transfer exist, from Transferwise to Western Union. Which service you use is your choice. Fees vary. While we have allowed for transfer fees to be included in sponsorship totals, we encourage you to take care of this to allow more help for the student. In either case, we will need to know your preference.

Donations from sponsors are paid directly to the school. Nothing is taken off your payments for organizational costs. Your local currency will be converted to Kenyan shillings. Exchange rates may cause a slight variance in what the school receives.

Monthly payments can be set up. However, receiving an entire year’s school fees at once helps our organization more.

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