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Building latrines

latrineMANDO implemented construction of 35 latrines for households in the Ermemit community and another at Olikum Nasira Primary School. Latrines keep tainted water from entering streams and reduce water-borne diseases.

A vital part of the program was training in healthy personal and household hygiene for 60 women using them – everything from hand washing to covering unused food. They also organized for latrine maintenance, with households rotating turns cleaning the latrines daily.

Some of these women went on to generate income for their families by retailing chlorine tablets and hygiene-related products such as water jugs and cooking pans with lids.

Land for the latrines was donated by those benefitting from them. While Mando procured materials and provided overall oversight to the project, tools and labor, the community provided ballast and onsite security for building materials. Deeper Mission, a non-profit organization based in the United States, donated $1970 of the $2262 needed.

The Olikum Nasira latrine was for the nine teachers at the school of 190 students. The only available latrine was shared by all the school children and the teachers, a source of embarrassment for the teachers. With funding from Deeper Mission, community in-kind contributions and charity support from WASH, Kenya's water, sanitation and hygiene program, the latrine has helped both morale and sanitation.

The projects typify MANDO's approach – early community involvement in developing a plan, searching out and securing funding, building-in auxiliary benefits such as training and follow-up monitoring.


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