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Attends international conference

Elizabeth Ntukai Lesale from our Eremit community is attending an international conference about water Aug. 11 - Sept. 15 sponsored by Young Water Solutions and cewas.

This year's focus is on social entrepreneurship. Young people with social business ideas that address water-related issues were selected to attend. This will take her to Zurich, Stockholm and Brussels. She will give this presentation in Brussels.


Liz is intent on creating a social enterprise comprised of Maasai women. The goal is to build rain harvesting tanks and pit latrines using a compressed earth technique for bricks. Thus, women can build structures without masonry expertise. It will be called Maji Mamas or in Maasai language, Entomonokengare. Liz is the only woman in her tribe who can read and write in English, Swahili and Maasai. She has created small food businesses and women’s sharing groups, which qualifies her as an entrepreneur.

Overall, the conference goal is to empower young leaders from low and middle income countries to tackle sanitation/hygiene, pollution and scarcity issues relating to water by offering intensive training, seed funding grants for projects and mentoring by senior level experts during one year. Others attendees named Named Young Water Fellows for 2018, are from Indonesia, Mexico, Tanzania, Brazil, India, Guatemala, Ghana and Cameroon. One other Kenyan was named, Beth Wanjiku, from Kiambu county.

Liz’s tribe, the Maasai, is experiencing a cultural shift. Historically pastoral, the Maasai are giving up their nomadic ways to settle into permanent homes. While before, they could move according to where water was available, the lack of water and sanitation is leading to increased water-borne diseases. Her ideas combat the challenges.

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