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School lunches

Shool lunchesEver go to school or work with an empty stomach? Then surely you can remember the difficulty trying to concentrate on tasks at hand. More of your attention goes to that empty feeling inside your body, the cry for food.

For all too many of our children, this scenario re-occurs day after day. Especially during the current drought, school lunches are a vital life line to the most vulnerable. Harvests have failed, food reserves are exhausted and water sources are drying up.

The lunch program at Enkoireroi school has shown remarkable results countering absenteeism and dropouts. Students have more energy and focus in the afternoon, better overall health and increased resistence to illness.

School lunchesIts 520 pupils get lunch every day. This year a porridge breakfast was introduced as well as fresh oranges and advocados. Donors in the USA provided funds for the program since its inception three years ago. Currently it costs just over $6,000 a year. MANDO purchases supplies in bulk when prices are lowest. The Maasai community whose children go to the school guard stored food, pay a cook a small fee and supply water and fuel.

The marked success of the Enkoireroi lunch project gives rise to hopes to expand to two more schools – Eremit and Nkuyan with 875 students. Based on 195 school days and 875 children, daily cost per student would equal KES 130/$1.30. This would include breakfast and lunch. Total needed for the coming school year for the two schools is $11,675.

Cook serving porridgeFunds are also sought for continuation of the Enkoireroi program. MANDO wants to establish a school garden which would provide both a learning experience for students and produce vegetables to feed the students A small dairy herd of cattle and goats would have similar results.

Kitchen structureMANDO's sister nonprofit organization in the United States, Investments for Developing Communities (IDC), takes in and forwards donations.

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