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Organizations we cooperate with include:
(Most of these organizations' names link to their web sites)

IDC logoInvestments for Developing Communities (IDC) is a small 501c3 non-profit based in Portland, Oregon USA. MANDO partners with IDC for community development programs involving both education sponsorships for girls and micro-loans to women as attested at

Green Empowerment logoGreen Empowerment works with local partners around the world to strengthen communities by delivering renewable energy and safe water. Currently GE is offering MANDO support for installation of micro-grids for electricity and water boreholes fitted with solar pumps, described here.

Deeper Missions logo   Deeper Missions develops, funds and implements projects and programs of clean energy, water and sanitation systems for communities and institutions to improve their infrastructure and sustainability. Board members and its executive director have visited MANDO sites and sounded out needs. It is working with MANDO to implement projects in its targeted specialties.

Africa Insight   Africa InSight is an African media agency whose products showcase and connect Africa. Based in Nairobi, the company creates products ranging from a daily, Africa-wide news feed (Africa Today) to TV magazine shows (BAQE, The African Basketball Show and Xtreme Outdoors Africa),  TV series (SHiFT Africa) and creative content (Adventures in Zanj animation and advertisements). It provides MANDO with video production support such as the video Educating the Girl Child as part of its social outreach commitments. 

THOMSON REUTER FOUNDATION is an arm of Thomson Reuters, an international, award-winning news agency. The foundation in Kenya has helped MANDO add a water catchment to a Kajiado district school in 2009. It also awarded MANDO a Community Champion Award in 2010, funds from which were spent to construct a school floor and provide desks. Matching funds for women empowerment programs were also donated to MANDO in 2011.

JB Drilling (K) Ltd main operations are borehole drilling and related services, including well repair and rehabilitation. Since beginning drilling in Kenya in 1991, the company has steadily expanded. Directors are both Kenyan and expatriate (British/US), combining years of international experience in groundwater development. This makes it especially effective in Kenya where bores generally need to be deep and in difficult ground. Clients are private customers, commercial firms and farms, international donors and non-profit agencies. They are consulting on a MANDO water project in the Eremit, Emboliei and Esonorua areas. For more information, contact Tom Armstrong at

Goodwill Globetrotting logoGOODWILL GLOBETROTTING is building a global charity support network to help new or struggling organizations lacking resources necessary to accomplish their missions. It fosters and partners with these organizations, providing hands-on support in the way of materials, recruiting volunteers, enhancing their marketing and publicity campaigns and hosting fundraisers on their behalf. MANDO is a proud member. It is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Idealist is an internet center connecting people, organizations and resources to find practical solutions to social and environmental problems. It is independent of any government, political ideology or religious creed. MANDO is described at

Help From Home is a UK-based organization to encourage volunteerism to help worthy causes. As the name suggests, it primarily promotes micro-volunteering from home, but over time has developed other bases such as schools, offices, consultancies and travel volunteerism. MANDO links up are:

Ol Pejeta logoOl Pejeta is a non-profit wildlife conservancy in Kenya involved in protecting endangered species, eco-tourism and best practices in livestock management. Five MANDO community members went to Ol Peieta to learn about the integrated livestock ranching and wildlife conservation approach.

NCIFoundationsNCIFoundations is a UK-based charity helping families living below the poverty line, focussing on women and children in financial need, enduring hardship or distress with education and employment, improvised families, orphanages and stopping child abuse. MANDO is mentioned at

Volunteer 4 AfricaVolunteer 4 Africa disseminates information about volunteer opportunities as well as wish lists for voluntary organizations and nonprofits. Travel abroad to Africa and make a difference.

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