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Improving farming skills continued

Maasai farmers

Unexpected snags in the initial program included:

      • underestimation of cost for fencing. Solution: better data is available here
      • raids by monkeys, baboons, birds as well as insects stem borers and armyworms. Solution: scarecrows and cultural control - planting early and simultaneously with other farmers to prevent buildup of stem borers population which occurs when planting is delayed until after the rains start.
      • watering - participants carried water in wheelbarrows 20 liters at a time. Sukuma wiki (collards) and watermelons required the most. Solution: diversify crops and locate fields near springs

MANDO shares a lot of what was learned in this agriculture training manual.

Hungry families already spend most of their income on food because of skyrocketing food prices. Maasai culture has been nomadic herding, but because of droughts, is changing toward an agricultural basis. With the right tools and training, farmers can triple or quadruple current harvests. When farmers reach food security, they begin to invest in their children, their farms and their communities. With the excellent harvest that farmers in the MANDO project experienced this year, they have enough food to feed their families in the coming months.

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