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WATER HARVESTING – gutters, wells, upgrading facilities, monitoring, an overall plan MORE...


  • sponsoring children living in poverty to attend school, especially ambitious girls willing to give back to their communities; they are chosen on bases of need and merit
  • constructing schools and classrooms in villages, repairing existing schools with paint walls, windows, floors, desks and chalkboards
  • providing books and school supplies
  • increasing access to learning opportunities - youth camp, football clubs
  • school management committees, supporting teachers, instructional sessions for parents

HEALTHpreventing and treating illness and disease, building latrines, improving medical clinics and providing needed supplies

ENVIRONMENTconserving and protecting wildlife, reforestation - introducing solar technologies

GENDER PARITYadvocate for equality and discourage the practice of female genital mutilation. Birth control / vasectomy - video and article. Training women farmers.

COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT microfinancing, beadwork, replacing and managing livestock, farming skills, Kesumeti Camp
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